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"Med få ord"

"Med få ord" is based on poems by

Norwegian artist and poet Trygve Skaug. It discusses universal

feelings and social issues and aims to trigger an awareness

amongst the audience about what really matters to them; in life,

and society.  


Du vet når du midt i kaoset av inntrykk kommer over noe som

får deg til å stoppe opp

Noe som får deg til å tenke

Noe som får deg til å tvile

Føle, kjenne, være

Bli sint, redd, glad

Noe som treffer deg

Working with me on this project is colleagues Bodil Hindrum and Dina Enoksen Elvehaug. The performance has been performed several places the last year and a half; Scenehuset in Oslo, November 2018, Mind the Gap, December 2018, Rønningen folkehøyskole in Oslo, March 2019, Dans på stien in Hamar, September 2019. 

See the trailer for the performance below!



Foto: Tale Hendnes

"Knitre Knatre"

“Knitre Knatre” is a performance for children aged 0-18 months. It is created in a visual room where the dancers, children and their parents can explore their senses using the different objects placed in the room. The performance invites for dialogue and interaction with the children. We wish to create a safe space where the children and their parents can explore their senses together on their own terms. From a very young age children learn to use iPads and other technical means, which encourages passive interaction. We wish for this performance to be something different, something active, where you have to present both physically and cognitively, and that can create a common experience for everyone present in the room.  


Residency at Dansearena Nord


In June 2018 me and colleague, Gry Kristiansen, had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Hammerfest at Danserarena Nord to work on “Knitre Knatre”. It was a great experience and we had the chance to truly develop the performance.


Foto: Marte Somby


Foto: Marte Somby

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